Thriller | 91 mins | 2016

While on a covert mission, two cold blooded mercenaries form an unlikely bond as they race across the desert in the dead of night. When their violent and desperate world implodes, past atrocities come to the surface threatening to tear each of them apart.

Festivals & Awards

World Premiere Tribeca 2016: Midnight Section

Cast & Credits

Director: Simon Dixon
Producer: Gareth Coulam Evans
Executive Producer: Aporva Baxi, Stephen Kelliher, Simon Dixon
Writer: Mick Donnellan, Simon Dixon, Gareth Coulam Evans
Cast: Brian Gleeson Damien Molony Sofia Boutella


Joe and Paddy are members of a private security crew working in the Middle East. They have been assigned to kidnap the daughter of a powerful man as part of a major robbery - a Tiger Raid.

We meet them as they travel through the inhospitable desert on their way to execute the raid. Joe, the older of the two, carries a brutal and unrepentant view of the world, defined by fear and adoration of their invisible but omnipresent boss. Paddy is younger and recklessly ambitious, hungry to progress through the ranks of the crew. Neither man trusts the other as they tell half truths and stories of previous victories in a battle to determine who controls this increasingly volatile situation.

As the raid progresses, deeply hidden truths about both menĀ¹s pasts are revealed, fracturing their already fragile relationship and forcing them to face up to who they really are in order to survive its violent and shocking conclusion.